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Sobriety Nation's mission is to provide unbiased educational information to those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, offer support and resources to their loved ones and provide financial assistance for those seeking in-patient treatment who are financially indigent.

Our founder and CEO, Joe Testino, shares the story of how Sobriety Nation began.

As a young child, I was loving, active, funny, full of smiles, and often the center of attention anywhere I went. Like so many children, as I entered my teenage years, I tried alcohol and marijuana for the first time. This eventually led to many other drugs, to include crack cocaine, and full blown addiction at a very early age. For nearly 11 years (1990-2001), I battled the disease of addiction and and it's cycle of shame, isolation, failure and disappointment. During these years, I attended multiple, non-faith based, treatment centers and a 12 step program. I destroyed relationships and a marriage, became a “dead beat” dad. stole from those I loved the most and eventually found myself incarcerated multiple times to include the state prison system. If you know someone who has or is currently struggling with addiction, you know all too well the chaos of life events that parallel an active drug addict who is in the clutches of this disease.

While I did not get sober until May 9, 2001, I gave my life to Christ in 1998 while incarcerated and was court ordered to a faith based treatment center which I attended for 10 weeks. It was at the faith based (Christ Centered) treatment center that I realized the solution to this disease had to begin with a heart change (II Corinthians 5:17.) While at this treatment center, I finally realized that God was the answer and without a personal relationship with HIM, I would not stand a chance to get sober.

Upon completion of the 10 week program, I returned home with a renewed vigor to fight the disease and a determination to be a good dad, good son and good employee. Unfortunately, I came home without the practical tools necessary to stay sober. I relapsed within a few weeks and spent the next three years in and out of jail and prison.

In 2001, I finally realized that I not only needed to have a personal relationship with Christ, but I needed to have a practical program of recovery to help me live out my faith each day. Upon release from prison, I immediately got involved in a church and began attending a 12 step program every day.

I have been sober almost 17 years and continue to believe that recovery from the disease of addiction requires a heart change and a daily practical program to ensure accountability and spiritual growth. So far during my sobriety, God has restored my family (pictured above), given me the privilege of owning business' that hired other addicts and allowed me to be apart of mentoring many men who struggle with the disease of addiction. In 2017, God clearly spoke and Sobriety Nation was formed. Our objective is to be provide an outlet for suffering addicts and their families to gather information regarding support and solutions and, most importantly, to write checks on behalf of financially indigent clients for in-patient (Faith Based) treatment centers. This would not be possible without the financial support of all of you. To join the Sobriety Nation team, please consider supporting us each month so that we can continue providing hope to the many that are currently suffering from this awful disease. You may also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Welcome to Sobriety Nation. I am so grateful that you've found us.

-Joe Testino