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~ Financial Help To Attend In-Patient Treatment ~

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health cites in 2015, roughly 21.7 million Americans 12 years and above required substance use treatment. Of these, only 14 percent, or 3 million people received treatment. Why is there such a discrepancy?

Though there are numerous reasons for this, one of the most commonly cited is a person’s inability to pay for treatment. This is devastating when you consider the number of people whose lives could be positively changed, if only they were able to access the help and positive transformation that can result from rehabilitation.

~ Treatment Costs Deter Many Addicts From Getting Help ~

The cost of treatment can vary, due to the facility, the severity, duration, and type of abuse or addiction; and the type of treatment a person chooses or that the situation necessitates. The cost can range from several thousand dollars for an outpatient program, to amounts upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for those programs that are inpatient and residential. Even these vary significantly depending on the type of program and length of stay.

Sadly, what some people fail to realize, is that options exist beyond insurance coverage or a person paying out of pocket.

~ Hope And Opportunity Exist ~

Scholarships may come by way of a foundation, a nonprofit, or from within the facility itself. This money is often generated through fundraising events and donations, so that people such as yourself don’t have to go without treatment.

For those who DO NOT have the money to attend an in-patient treatment center, Sobriety Nation wants to help you make this possible. Please send the below information to and a client service specialist will contact you within 72 hours.